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Rx Savings Assistant

A FREE EMR Plug-in for Reducing
Prescription Costs for Patients

We help hospitals increase prescription fills
by making Rx more affordable for patients.

How? Well, manufacturers 
ALREADY provide

discounts for many medications.

Our seamless software includes those coupons
on patient discharge papers AUTOMATICALLY.
(both generic & brand name)


EASIER access means more coupons get used
 and MORE prescriptions get filled.

This improves outcomes, patient satisfaction,

pharmacy revenues, etc.


The service is live now.
We're delivering thousands
of discounts per day.

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For over 18 years Medicom Health has developed innovative, award-winning solutions for high-profile health organizations including pharma companies, national medical associations & health systems.  Today, over 600 leading hospitals use our best-in-class digital tools to engage millions of consumers & increase revenue.